Scotty Haas is know around this South Carolina campus as the Clemson Mohawk.

Scotty Haas, left, is the Clemson Mohawk.
Image Credit: Clemson University

It’s pretty clear that Scotty Haas’ mohawk stands for his Clemson spirit, but getting it to actually stand up is a completely different matter.

There are three ingredients that go into the creation of the Clemson Mohawk, and they are time, patience and hairspray. “It takes way too long,” Scotty laughed. “The spikes take approximately one hour, and the full fan takes three hours. That’s why I only wear it for special occasions.”

Luckily, his efforts never go unnoticed — in fact, he’s become a fan favorite among Clemson tailgaters and students alike. “It’s quite the ice-breaker,” Scotty said. “The comments never stop.” He loves answering crazy questions, which range anywhere from “How do you sleep?” to “Can I touch it?”

“Some people even ask to get pictures with him,” laughed Brandon Bagwell, one of Scotty’s friends who experienced a football game with the legendary Clemson Mohawk last January. “It makes you feel really passionate,” he said. “If not for Air Force rules, I would probably have a mohawk right now.”

It definitely looks like Scotty has all the passion of a true Tiger fan, but does his spirit live up to his hair? “Without a doubt,” Brandon said.

From his involvement with student organization Central Spirit to attendance at volleyball and baseball games, Scotty truly is all in. “I love supporting Clemson however I can, but mechanical engineering isn’t easy, so it doesn’t leave me with a lot of free time,” he said.

Scotty Haas and his Clemson mohawk are famous around campus.This semester, the Clemson student section is missing its mohawk. Scotty’s studies have taken him to Germany, the hub of the automotive industry, where he hopes to get valuable experience that will bring him closer to his dream of becoming a Formula 1 aerodynamicist. Scotty is excited to bring his Clemson spirit overseas, but admits that he misses watching the Tigers play from the sidelines.

But for Scotty, it isn’t just about the football. “Everyone in Clemson is a family, and it becomes so evident on game day,” he said. “When you walk around campus, you see how friendly everyone is — that’s what sets Clemson apart.”

This strong sense of community is a feeling Scotty will never forget, even after he graduates. “Coming to Clemson University is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” Scotty said. “Orange is everything.”

For everyone who wants to check a Clemson Mohawk sighting off the Clemson bucket list, Scotty will be back in Death Valley next fall for his senior season of Clemson football. Get your cameras ready.