Four-time ACC Academic Honor Roll member Patrick Andrews graduated from Clemson in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science. During his undergraduate career, not only did Andrews excel in the classroom, but he also excelled on the baseball field. Currently a graduate student at Clemson, Andrews’ academic and baseball talents still reign strong.

“My favorite thing about the baseball program has to be the family atmosphere and what we get to do as a team. I talk to people about what it means to be a student-athlete, specifically a baseball player, and it’s more than just practice. It’s being part of a family,” he said.

The Clemson baseball family is a talented group that has been fortunate to witness many improvements over the last few years, including the addition to Doug Kingsmore Stadium. This upgrade, which stands out most to Andrews, was unveiled in fall of 2015 and is part of Clemson’s capital improvement plan, Building Futures.

“It’s been a change that is far greater than any other change that is yet to happen, and it’s going to impact the program for much longer,” he said. “The new player facility was something we had heard about for a long time, and to see it open this year was an awesome opportunity.”

Thanks to the donors who made this facility possible, the baseball program now has everything they need in one location — coaches offices, a team lounge, team meeting rooms, training rooms, a kitchen and even immediate access to medical treatment. “I was hurt previously over the past year and the biggest impact, personally to me, was not to have to go anywhere besides our facility for treatment. To be injured and still be able to get your treatment done in the player facility has been unbelievable,” he said.

While Andrews may have missed out on some of the action taking place on the field, he still had the opportunity to bond with his team in the new team lounge — a place where the players come together both before and after practice and another one of Andrews’ favorite things about the new addition. Having a place like this allows these student-athletes to establish and strengthen relationships that can help carry them through tough times both on and off the field.

It’s the commitment of many donors that provided the baseball program with this new home. “If I had the chance to meet with the donors, saying ‘thank you’ probably wouldn’t be enough. The program is so great, and this resembles what the program is all about. Things are done right, and we love getting to call this our home,” he said.

Clemson is grateful for these individuals and their generosity, which will have a lasting impact on Clemson’s baseball program. This facility will benefit current and future baseball players in numerous ways and take the University’s baseball program to a whole new level. “I can’t imagine coming on a recruiting visit to Clemson and seeing this facility and not saying to myself, ‘This is where I want to play baseball,’” he said. “It’s one of the finest facilities in the country.”