Research Forum

Research forum judges (back row) enjoyed flash talks from graduate student presenters (front row left to right) N. Suzanne Falconer, Matthew Hudson Flege, Zeynep Gedikoglu, Nikeetha Dsouza, William McCorkle and Qingwei Hu.
Image Credit: Craig Mahaffey

The departments that will make up the soon-to-be-established College of Education and College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences held their Spring Research Forum on April 20, showcasing a wide range of student, faculty and staff research.

“Presenters prepared over 70 posters that facilitated conversations about our exciting work and outreach,” said Kathy Headley, senior associate dean for the Division of Collaborative Academic Services. “It was a great opportunity to celebrate the impactful work being conducted by our faculty, staff and students, and the flash talks are a fast-paced, fun way to close out the research forum.”

Faculty posters covered topics including weight-related discrimination, attitudes toward immigration and the relationship between leisure and positive psychology. Student posters were just as diverse, covering topics such as postpartum mood disorders, the impact of social media on first-year college students, telehealth’s impact on health care, and experiences of students of color in a student affairs master’s program.

After the poster sessions and the presentation of Faculty, Staff and Graduate Student Awards of Excellence, graduate students participated in a Three-Minute Flash Talks competition in which each person presented a short synopsis of their research endeavors.

Flash talk topics were as diverse as they were interesting. Qingwei Hu of the public health sciences department presented research on the “obesity paradox” in hospital mortality among weight-loss surgery patients. William McCorkle of the teaching and learning department presented his research on the restrictive nature of South Carolina education policies for immigrant students. Matthew Flege represented the Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life with his research on extracurricular activities’ effect on empathy in young adults and college students.

Youth, family and community studies researcher Suzanne Falconer spoke of her experience in the Democratic Republic of the Congo studying career schools and their effectiveness on teen girls who have overcome violence, trauma and rape. Zeynep Gedikoglu of the parks, recreation and tourism management department presented research on brand image re-creation through social media during the Paris terror attacks.

The winner of the flash talk competition was Nikeetha Dsouza of the teaching and learning department. She presented research on software that uses dance and body movement to teach concepts related to computer programming activities. David Fleming, associate professor and director of graduate studies for Clemson’s College of Education, said that all the talks were excellent, but when evaluating on clarity, significance, context, methodology, implications, appeal and presentation structure and style, Dsouza’s presentation stood out.

“I certainly learned a great deal from several different fields in a very short period of time,” Fleming said. “Nikeetha’s presentation style was engaging, and her research really resonated with me and the audience because of its strong methodology and revealing implications for practice.”

Beginning July 1, 2016, Clemson University will house a new College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences focused on becoming a national and international leader in solving the problems faced by individuals, families, communities and societies. This college will include the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management; the Department of Public Health Sciences; the School of Nursing; the Department of Communication Studies; the Department of Political Science; the Department of Psychology; the Department of Sociology and Anthropology; and the Department of Youth, Family and Community Studies.

Also on July 1, Clemson will house a new College of Education focused on improving life outcomes throughout the state and nation. This college will include the Department of Educational and Organizational Leadership Development; the Department of Education and Human Development; and the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Follow the flickr link below to see photos from the research forum and flash talks.

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