Compiled by Leslie Westlake | Office of Creative Services

Glenn and Heather Hilliard “Environmental sustainability is more than a desirable goal,” says Glenn Hilliard ’65. “It is the ethical and economic wellspring for our planet and our people. Heather and I love South Carolina and its natural heritage, and we want our state to be a wonderful place to live, play and work for generations to come.”

Toward this goal, R. Glenn Hilliard and his wife, Heather, have provided Clemson University with a $1 million endowment to teach generations to treasure and manage the dynamic balance between the natural and human-made worlds. The gift will create the Glenn ’65 and Heather Hilliard Endowed Professorship in Environmental Sustainability.

The Hilliard gift qualifies Clemson for a dollar-for-dollar match from the state, creating a $2 million professorship. The leadership position will be in Clemson’s Center of Economic Excellence in Sustainable Development within the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences.

Says Hilliard, “The purpose of this Clemson University professorship is to foster the identification and preservation of natural environments in the state of South Carolina and to identify and support sustainable development and economic growth for our state in places other than in or around our irreplaceable natural environments. One of our goals in life is to leave this world, and our state, a better and more beautiful place. We believe this Clemson University professorship will help to do that long after we are gone.”

A business leader, environmentalist, arts patron and education advocate, Hilliard earned an English degree at Clemson, then a law degree at George Washington University and worked in D.C. for the late state congressman William Jennings Bryan Dorn. Since then, he has led Liberty Life Insurance Co., ING Americas and CNO Financial Inc. He is now CEO of Hilliard Group LLC, an investment and advisory firm in Atlanta, director of Columbia Funds Trust and chairman of the board of Bank of America Funds Series Trust. An Alumni Distinguished Service Award recipient, he is also on the board of the Clemson University Foundation.

Hilliard has generously repaid his alma mater for reintroducing him to Heather, his wife of 45 years, during his senior year. She was the first girl he ever kissed — “on the cheek” — when he was 12 years old. They have three daughters: Kathryn Stuart, Nancy Joyce and Glenn Shaw.