Josh Brown, Clemson's lead recruiting strategist, is propelling the University into the future of faculty and staff recruitment.

Josh Brown, Clemson’s lead recruiting strategist, is propelling the University into the future of faculty and staff recruitment.

Josh Brown is on the prowl — the prowl for talent that is. Brown is propelling Clemson into the future of faculty and staff recruitment. The University’s lead recruiting strategist lives and breathes for the human resources and recruiting side of academia and is helping Clemson recruit top faculty and staff members in order to support the University’s 2020 Road Map goals.

Brown has greatly improved the way Clemson searches for its talent. Once going by a “post and pray” mentality, Brown revolutionized the way Clemson searches for its talented faculty and staff members.

“We were posting jobs and just hoping that we were attracting talented applicants, but now we are taking a more proactive approach and going after the talent, which puts Clemson on the forefront. Essentially, my goal was to take Clemson from a ‘post and pray’ to a ‘post and prowl’ mentality.”

Brown is all about the numbers. Through the use of analytics, Brown is using technology that reveals where the best-qualified applicants find Clemson’s job postings. This information enables him to target jobs to certain job-posting sites and eliminate ones that do not attract as many people. By analyzing the job-posting data, Brown has the ability to post jobs at peak times when people are looking for jobs to achieve most favorable results. Allowing Brown to post a department’s positions means he is able to provide the department with analytics on the posting’s popularity, and it allows him to be able to purchase many postings at a discount or free rate for the department.

“I want to make sure that each posting is getting as many qualified applicants as possible,” Brown said. “Since we pay to post these jobs, it is important that we optimize every posting and exercise their full potential.”

Through websites such as, the Indeed resume database and LinkedIn, Brown can key in certain credentials and key words that reflect an open position and find prospects that are the most qualified. This helps Brown access passive job seekers.

“Thirty percent of people are active job seekers, while 70 percent are passive job seekers,” he said. “The passive seekers tend to be your best candidates because they enjoy what they do and are happy in their field. This is a great way to expose them to Clemson and contact them personally because we believe they are a good fit for our job opening.”

Another way Brown is reaching out to passive job seekers is through different social media accounts, one of which is the Clemson University page on LinkedIn. This page enables its followers to see job postings on their home feed, which is an excellent way to attract qualified applicants.

Brown’s services are available for every department on campus seeking to fill a position. For more information, contact Brown at