Clemson University’s College of Business is known to be fertile recruiting ground for many businesses in search of talent. But few of the employee-seeking suitors have the symbiotic relationship with the business school that technology giant ScanSource does.

Headquartered in Greenville, ScanSource has a long-standing connection to the university and business school. Beyond its financial support through sponsorships of events and programs, the company’s summer internship program provides experiential learning opportunities, and has a reputation of being a dress rehearsal for future employment there.

Summer interns, ScanSource

Interns, left to right, are Julian Boyer, Joey Mott, Julia Sudduth, Alyse Bicknell, Greg Pedone, Aidan Crean, Blair Bristow. Not pictured is Nick Miller.
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“ScanSource is recognized as having a great work culture and being a quality employer in the Upstate,” said Leah Hughes, College of Business assistant director for career and professional development. “And, their internship program is known to be a launching pad for many of our students’ careers.”

Shirley Ann Morgan, a 2016 Clemson management graduate, works in human resources at ScanSource. As a former ScanSource intern herself, Morgan knows these internships are dress rehearsals for full-time employment.

“It’s true, a summer internship is a trial run for these students. The fact that they’re here indicates we are interested in them as full-time employees,” Morgan said. “Clemson is very good at either requiring or encouraging its students to intern, so many of them have gained work experience through internships and are consequently more business ready than other students.”

Joey Mott, a rising senior majoring in marketing and minoring in management, is wrapping up his summer internship in the company’s communications sales department.

“The internship is incredible. You’re learning from professionals across all departments. There are mentorships, public speaking and interviewing workshops, and involvement in their community giving,” Joey said. “You’re totally immersed in the work culture there. It’s professional, but family like. I’d love to have the opportunity to come back and work here full time.”

Joey is one of eight Clemson business majors in ScanSource’s 10-week summer intern program. Others include, Julian Boyer, Julia Sudduth, Alyse Bicknell, Greg Pedone, Aidan Crean, Blair Bristow, and Nick Miller. A provider of point-of-sale, barcode, physical security, video, voice, data, networking, and technology services, ScanSource employed a total of 31 interns this summer in various business units of the company.

Joey’s day-to-day responsibilities in communications sales involved research and helping the company’s sales representatives on pricing, and other duties that strengthened the reps’ business partnerships. But his internship experience went beyond daily job responsibilities.

“My experience has been very holistic in that I was exposed to many aspects of the work culture at ScanSource. For instance, you learn how to approach a situation, often with people at a high level within the organization,” Joey added. “Employees were very good about taking time to answer your questions, and that included people in all levels of the company.”

A highlight of the summer program were presentations by teams of interns mixed with student counterparts from other universities. Each team was given an issue or challenge from the business units they worked in, and they had 10 minutes to present their ideas.

“It was an amazing event that was attended by more than 100 people, including executives, board members, managers and mentors,” Joey said. “They give you a topic that you’ve identified an interest in and you research, then present your ideas.”

Joey’s team included communications and sales interns from the College of Charleston, Furman University and the University of South Carolina.

“Our topic was sales lead generation and how to increase business leads for ScanSource,” Joey added. “We presented ideas for streamlining the retail sales lead process. The team worked with a cross-section of business units to come up with our ideas.”

Morgan said interns selected for summer employment have had interaction with ScanSource, either through a career fair, networking session, or a referral. In fact, some of the interns they’ve known since their freshman year.

“Recruiting top talent is very competitive. Students are becoming more impressive, so it’s important for us to impress them while they’re interning here,” Morgan said. “Developing a pipeline of talented future employees through internships is definitely part of our recruiting strategy.

“The fact that nearly a third of our interns are from Clemson is an indicator of the caliber of students they produce, and why ScanSource continues to bring in some of the university’s best and brightest into full-time positions,” she said.

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