Clemson’s Statistics and Mathematics Consulting Center approaches its first full year of providing faculty, staff and students with consulting services. Staffed by professors in the department of mathematical sciences, the Center is equipped and ready to assist researchers in the design of their studies and the proper analysis of their data.

“We feel that it’s an important component of our department’s mission — to help colleagues do the best job they can setting up their research and then doing the mathematical or statistical analysis that goes along with it,” said Billy Bridges, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Mathematical Sciences and faculty collaborator of the Statistics and Mathematics Consulting Center.

According to Carol Lund, the Center’s administrative specialist, the Center’s work can impact project funding.

“There’s a huge pressure at the university for faculty to get grants,” said Lund. “If faculty show evidence that they’ve been consulting with mathematicians or statisticians when they’re writing their grant proposal, then the likelihood of them getting funded substantially increases.”

“This is what we [faculty members involved in the Center] do for fun. I can’t think of anything more exciting than colleagues visiting with us about their research,” said Bridges. “Every day I can’t wait to get here and learn about interesting research happening at Clemson. The Center has been involved in research projects in all five colleges and has also started work with outside parties, including the Greenville Health System and a global pharmaceutical company”

In addition to supporting individual faculty and graduate students in their research, the Statistics and Mathematics Consulting Center has a higher purpose.

“Ultimately, the Consulting Center is about promoting the success of the Clemson community, that of both the individual and Clemson’s reputation as a whole,” said Lund. “It’s about supporting faculty in getting published, supporting our students’ research so they get good jobs and supporting folks in bringing in grant funding. The bottom line is that we promote the prestige of our university.”

The continued growth of the Center will include increased involvement from mathematical sciences graduate students, offerings of educational workshops and increased visibility on campus.

“I would like all faculty, students and staff to know that we’re here to help solve their research problems,” explained Lund. “We’re all about service. We want to assist others in excelling.”

Learn more about the Statistics and Mathematics Consulting Center here.



–Ashley Hedrick, Class of 2016