Since his parents met in a communications class, this Tiger says he owes his life to the field of communications. Today, he uses his knowledge to offer the best experience he to his students. As a faculty in residence, he lives on campus and is able to be a part of the lives of students. Meet Travers Scott.

Title: Associate professor, Department of Communication

Years at Clemson: 8

What I do at Clemson: Teach and research on communication technologies, identity and gender and sexuality. I also direct our department’s MA in communication, technology and society, the Southern Margins International Film Festival, and co-instruct on a study-abroad trip to Germany. Since I wasn’t able to study abroad as a student, I jumped at the opportunity to teach on an existing study abroad experience when I first came to Clemson, then later worked with my colleague, Dr. Andrew Pyle, to create our Germany trip. I think travel can be a powerful growth experience and want to help offer that to Clemson students. My husband and I are also faculty in residence in the Lightsey Bridge communities. We have been enjoying getting to know students and staff, and we’ve been learning about the whole world of Clemson after hours and on weekends. I never attended a residential campus, so it’s exciting to see how that is part of the lives of Clemson students.

What I love about Clemson: The enthusiasm and energy of the students. Also — all the cute critters: chipmunks in the Ag Quad, groundhogs off Perimeter, and the awesome landscaping goats, wherever they are.

Accomplishment I’m most proud of: Teaching is my second career, after 13 years in advertising. It was very hard and took a long time to make the change. I was being discouraged from being smart. I was told that “contemporary” was “too big of a word to use” in a cell phone ad. It made me realize I needed a career where I would be rewarded for being “smart,” and be around lots of smart people. I’m very proud I found a way to change my career to something I care passionately about and find very rewarding.

Where I see myself in five years: Exploring new opportunities and  challenges here at Clemson. I’m so excited to see we now have FOUR groups for LGBTQ students! (SAGA, O-STEM, Athlete Allies, Rainbow). I can’t wait to see what they do in the future. Also, Women’s Leadership is growing in some real exciting ways, but I can’t reveal the details yet!

Last thing I watched on TV: Taboo, a new series with Tom Hardy. I’ll watch anything with Tom Hardy in it.

Guilty pleasure: UFC / mixed martial arts fighting. (Watching, not participating — too old for that!)

One thing people don’t know about me: I have an intense social anxiety disorder. People tell me I hide it well; maybe too well.

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