This Tiger has had a lot going on in the three short months that he’s been with Clemson. In addition to his everyday role working with students, faculty and staff, he is the co-chair of the inaugural Men of Color National Summit, which will be held this week.

Meet Julio Hernandez.

Title: Associate Director for Hispanic Outreach

Years at Clemson: Three months

What I do at Clemson: At Clemson, I provide leadership and support to vice presidents, associate vice presidents and the Office of Inclusion and Equity to recruit, retain, and foster a welcoming environment for Hispanic/Latino students, staff and faculty. I am currently working on developing programs, services, events, and activities to promote understanding and appreciation for the Hispanic/Latino culture on campus and in the surrounding community. In addition, I serve as the university’s representative and advocate for Hispanic/Latino students and student groups. Finally, I advise, mentor, and guide Hispanic/Latino students on academic and social issues.

What I love about Clemson: I love working with the best and brightest students, staff, and faculty in the country. I enjoy coming to Clemson University every day, working alongside individuals committed to setting the standard for excellence. In addition, I love the direction and future where Clemson University wants to move toward.

Accomplishment I’m most proud of: An accomplishment I’m most proud of is having a good reputation with businesses, institutions of higher learning, school districts, law enforcement, non-profits and community leaders for my service toward students and my community. I work toward being a person of value, instead of trying to become a person of success.

Where I see myself in five years: I see myself completing my Ph.D. from Clemson in educational leadership. I am working on starting my doctorate program in the Spring 2018 semester. In addition, I see myself working toward being considered for additional leadership roles within the university.

Last thing I watched on TV: Believe it or not, the last thing I watched on TV was the Superbowl briefly in February. I don’t watch TV much. I have turned on my new TV just twice this year so far. I read a great deal and travel a lot on the weekends, even if it’s short road trips. I don’t have time to watch TV. I’m having too much fun exploring the world out there.

Guilty pleasure: Ice cream! I will have ice cream whether it is cold or hot outside. It doesn’t matter. In addition, if I crave it in the middle of the night, I will go to my stash of ice cream in the fridge.

One thing most people don’t know about me: One thing people may not know about me is that I love the ARTS! I played the cello for more than 10 years, I competed in ballroom dancing and I like to raise money to support the arts community. Another big love I have is fitness. I’m a cross-fit athlete seven days a week, and I like getting my workouts done before 6 a.m. every day.

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