CLEMSON — Clemson University’s Tigers for Tigers organization is taking a stand on tiger conservation by promoting the Save Vanishing Species Stamp, which raises money to help save tigers and other endangered animals.

The Save Vanishing Species Stamp falls under the Wildlife Without Borders program of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Selling for 55 cents, it costs 10 cents more than a normal first-class stamp. A book of 20 stamps is $11. More than 22 million of the stamps have been sold since 2011, generating more than $2.2 million for endangered species.

In addition to using social media to drive the support for the stamps, Tigers for Tigers will be advertising on Jumbotron during Saturday’s Clemson-Georgia football game.

“Being able to capture the attention of more than 80,000 fans in an atmosphere filled with tiger spirit is a huge opportunity to draw attention to the critical status of tigers in the wild,” said Trey Riedmayer, design chairman of Clemson Tigers for Tigers.

There are fewer than 3,200 tigers left in the wild — less than the population of Clemson’s entering freshman class.

Clemson Tigers for Tigers is a student-led initiative that has been focused on saving tigers since 1997. In April 2013, the organization hosted the first National Tigers for Tigers Coalition summit, which attracted students from tiger mascot schools across the nation, including LSU, Missouri and Towson University.

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