CLEMSON – Clemson University will hold a Memorial Day service honoring those who have fallen in service to the nation at 4 p.m. Sunday at the Scroll of Honor Memorial on Williamson Road directly across from Memorial Stadium.

The event will feature patriotic songs, a 21-gun salute and remarks by Clemson President Emeritus and World War II veteran Phil Prince. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

American flags ring the Scroll of Honor in Memorial Park

American flags ring the Scroll of Honor in Memorial Park. Image Credit: Ken Scar/Clemson
Image Credit: Ken Scar

“The men and women of our armed forces who gave their lives in defense of freedom traded their futures for our tomorrows,” said Frank Cox, chairman of the Clemson Corps. “Their service should be remembered and honored by all of us who enjoy the freedom that is the legacy of their sacrifice.”

The Clemson Corps, a constituent group of the Clemson Alumni Association, is coordinating the event. Parking will be available along the Avenue of Champions, immediately north of the stadium. Seating is limited, so people are encouraged to bring lawn chairs.

Following the Memorial Day service, a second ceremony will unveil stones inscribed with the names of four World War I veterans recently added to the university’s Scroll of Honor.