Rip Russell and David Allison at the Clemson Design Center in Charleston on Thurs., Jan. 25.

Rip Russell (left) and David Allison at the Clemson Design Center in Charleston on Jan. 25.
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CLEMSON — He has been named one of the “Most Influential People in Healthcare Design,” but to his students at Clemson University, he’s simply Professor Allison.

Since 1990, David Allison has been the director of Clemson’s Architecture + Health master’s program in the School of Architecture. Under his leadership, the program has become recognized as a premier architecture health degree and consistently is ranked as one of the country’s best by Design Intelligence magazine.

Allison’s work training the health care architects and researchers of the future hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Russell “Rip” Paul Parks, an alumnus, member of Clemson’s Board of Visitors and managing principal at DesignStrategies LLC of Greenville, joined the Architecture + Health team Jan. 25 in Charleston for an unveiling of one of its newest operating room designs. At the event, Parks revealed that he had established a $175,000 endowment in Allison’s name.

“Many people can sprint, but few can run marathons,” said Parks. “I was inspired to provide this well-deserved endowment in recognition of the 28 years of hard work, diligent planning and bold vision implementation by David and his talented team of health care design professionals. I am confident that David will use this endowment to enhance the program and inspire future leaders in the exciting field of health care design.”

The endowment will be invested to generate financial support for Clemson’s Architecture + Health program. The announcement came as a surprise to Allison, a two-time Clemson graduate.

“This is an incredible honor coming from Rip,” said Allison. “It’s the people I work with and am surrounded by that allow me to do what I do, and our program wouldn’t be possible without our students. We get to do great work because of them, and I’m grateful that our program attracts those who are eager to learn and excel.”

Rip Parks (L), David Allison (C) and CAAH Dean Richard Goodstein (R)

Rip Parks (left), David Allison and College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities Dean Richard Goodstein at the Jan. 25 event.
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In addition to his role at Clemson, Allison is a registered architect in three states, a founding member of the American College of Healthcare Architects and the Coalition for Health Environments Research and is a member of the Leadership Council of the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health.

His scholarly focus is centered on healthy community planning and design, design prototyping and research related to health care environments. He was selected in 2007 as one of “Twenty Making a Difference” nationally by Healthcare Design magazine and was named one of the nation’s 30 Most Admired Design Educators in 2013-14 by Design Intelligence magazine.

“David has creatively and purposefully made a broad and deep difference in the world of health care facility design, producing alumni who are some of the most influential and respected designers of health care facilities around the world,” said Kate Schwennsen, director of the School of Architecture. “The establishment of this endowment by Rip is a great recognition. For an industry peer to think so highly of David’s work and name something after him in perpetuity is remarkable.”