kids sitting in a circle coloring with chalk

Clemson’s Life Sciences Outreach Center will have a number of arts and crafts for kids to enjoy.
Image Credit: Hannah Halusker / Clemson University

CLEMSON — Organizers of Monday’s “Eclipse Over Clemson” viewing event have planned a variety of family-friendly and educational activities.

Clemson University’s department of physics and astronomy will be on hand to explain the history and science of total solar eclipses, using props and arts and crafts to demonstrate how eclipses occur. Scientists will be giving out NASA pinhole projectors, which are cards that when held up to the sky will cast a shadow of the partially obscured sun on the ground.

Students from Clemson’s department of chemistry also will host demonstrations.

Clemson University’s Life Sciences Outreach Center will be at the amphitheater starting at 10 a.m. Kids will be able to predict the appearance of the sun’s corona using chalk art or make their own sun catchers from tissue and contact paper. They will also be able to color, cut out and assemble paper diagrams that demonstrate the orientation of the Earth, moon and sun during a total solar eclipse.

tiger band playing instruments

Clemson University’s Tiger Band will play at “Eclipse Over Clemson.”
Image Credit: Christopher Sloan

Scientists, including astronomers, physicists and engineers, will be available to interact with the public at the “Ask a Scientist” table. These scientists conduct research on topics such as climate change, star and planet formation and biophysics, and have a wealth of knowledge beyond their areas of interest.

There will be plenty of open space around the main stage to allow visitors to relax as they listen to the lineup of speakers and Tiger Band will play at 1:55 p.m.