CLEMSON, South Carolina — Clemson University’s Center for Career and Professional Development is co-hosting the Strategies for Institutional-wide Competency Development Symposium May 24 and 25 at the Madren Conference Center.

Faculty and university administrators from more than 40 schools across the country are registered to attend the two-day event, which will focus on incorporating competencies that are needed in the workplace. Representatives from Michelin, General Electric, Sherwin Williams and Itron Inc. will also join the event to support why competency development is critical to student success.

“By working closely with campus constituents, we aim to implement initiatives that allow faculty and staff to incorporate competencies within their curriculum that will transfer into the workplace,” said Neil Burton, executive director of the Center for Career and Professional Development. “We know the development of these programs will be different for every campus, but we’re eager to work with the institutions attending to help them build a blueprint for success.”

Universities nationwide are integrating competency development into student learning to help them develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for success after graduation.

“The economy today differs greatly than 20 years ago,” said Kristin Walker, Center for Career and Professional Development’s associate director of analytics and initiates. “In response, campuses have to shift learning models to ensure students are not only being taught certain competencies but that they also know how to articulate them to prospective employers as well as graduate and professional schools.”

Clemson’s plan is comprised of nine competencies that are divided into three categories: engagement, innovation, and professionalism. Five levels of proficiency ranging from awareness to expert exist to help students determine where they are and where they want to be in developing the nine competencies. Students aren’t expected to become an expert in all nine areas but focus on those that will help them achieve their lifelong aspirations. In addition to learning these skills in the classroom, the Center for Career and Professional Development also provides plans for undergraduate and graduate students outlining the path to success for each competency.

The symposium is being presented in partnership with the University of Tampa.

There will be a special Tigers Only day from 9 a.m. to noon May 26. Free for employees, the day will be focused on sharing ideas and discussing strategic campus-wide approaches toward a Clemson-centric competencies program. Registration is now open.