CLEMSON, South Carolina — Hillary Clinton will win Saturday’s South Carolina Democratic primary by a wide margin, according to the results of the latest Clemson University Palmetto Poll.

Palmetto PollThe survey of likely voters showed 64 percent said they will vote for Clinton and 14 percent for Bernie Sanders. Twenty-two percent said they are undecided. The margin of error is plus or minus 3 percent.

The telephone poll of 650 likely voters was taken between Saturday and Wednesday. The Palmetto Poll respondents were those who said they plan to vote in this election and have voted in two of the last three statewide primaries.

The Palmetto Poll results show she will do better in South Carolina than in any other state.

“After a razor-thin victory by Clinton in the Iowa caucuses, a blowout by Sanders in the New Hampshire primary and a small victory margin by Clinton in the Nevada caucuses, Clinton is perched on the cusp of her own significant primary victory in the Palmetto State,” said Bruce Ransom, a Clemson political science professor and co-director of the poll.

In the Palmetto Poll before last week’s Republican primary, South Carolina voters cited several reasons for their choice of candidates, however, in this survey of Democrats, nearly two-thirds refused to say:

What do you like most about your first choice for president?

  Shares my values
  Cares about people like me
  Strong leader for the country


“It is clear from our poll that African-American voters in the state remember Ms. Clinton fondly and support her campaign,” said political science professor David Woodard, who also directs the poll.

Respondents also were asked when they decided for whom they will vote and, again, most would not say:

When did you, or when will you, make up your mind about for whom you will vote for president in the election?

  Before the primaries began
  After the previous primary outcomes
  This past week