By Raquel Cobb

CLEMSON — Clemson University’s recycling services and video production services received the Judge’s Award in the 2012 RecycleMania video competition.

With the theme “The Spirit of Recycling,” participants were encouraged to submit videos that tie in recycling with something noteworthy or unique about their school. The Clemson video had a nostalgic theme and featured the Tiger mascot and the iconic Esso Club. To view the video, click

Because it was selected in the top 10 out of 30 videos, Clemson’s short film titled “The Spirit of Recycling at Clemson” competed against other universities in the country for YouTube likes to win the overall contest.  

“We were very excited to hear we were selected for the Judges Award for RecycleMania,” stated Dave VanDeventer, Clemson’s solid waste and recycling manager. “We wanted to showcase Clemson University in a way that would be fun, educational and express that we want to be known as a recycling university.”

In the overall RecycleMania competition, Clemson placed fourth nationally in the Most Improved Paper Recycling category, which measures how much schools increase paper recycling during the course of the competition. Clemson’s paper recycling increased 88 percent during the eight-week period of the competition.

Clemson also placed first among South Carolina colleges and among ACC schools in the Waste Minimization category, which focuses on the efforts to reduce the amount of waste generated, including recyclables.

“Even though we averaged the same in Recycling Percentages and Totals Per Capita, our overall campus waste is going down and we are recycling more,” said VanDeventer.

RecycleMania is an annual recycling competition among more than 600 colleges and universities nationwide.