CLEMSON — Participants of a seven-day leadership course offered by Clemson University’s new school of business will walk away leaders capable of exercising leadership effectively.

“Being a Leader,” June 12-18, is open to business people, academics, students, managers and executives. They will gain leadership capabilities that will benefit them personally and professionally, past participants say.

Werner Erhard, Michael Jensen, Jeri Echeverria and Steve Zaffron lead the course.

“This course is unlike any leadership training I’ve experienced,” said George J. Petersen, dean of Clemson’s Eugene T. Moore School of Education. “The course examines leadership through a different lens. It requires a close examination of yourself and how you interact with others.”

Clemson is the only location the “Being a Leader” course is being offered in North America in 2016. It is led by Michael C. Jensen, professor emeritus of business administration at Harvard Business School; Werner Erhard, a creator of innovative ideas of organizational and social transformation in the business, educational, medical and governmental sectors; Steve Zaffron, CEO of Vanto Group, a consulting firm specializing in elevating organizational performance; and Jeri Echeverria, who served as chief academic officer for the California State University System until retiring in 2010.

Clemson’s Petersen, who holds doctoral and master’s degrees in educational leadership, said the course’s unique approach brings individual benefits in helping one become a better person en route to being a leader.

“’Being a Leader’ strengthened my sense of communication through better listening, to being more precise in use of language and being better at interacting with others. The human side of being a leader requires skills you’ll learn in this class,” Petersen said.

Course leaders teach participants how to exercise leadership effectively as a natural self-expression in the areas of life most important to them. The three-part course doesn’t simply leave you knowing how to be a leader, it leaves you “being” a leader.

“Being a Leader,” held at Clemson University’s Madren Conference Center, is offering discounts or scholarship-reduced rates to Clemson students, faculty, staff and alumni. To register for the course, visit

There will be a free webinar introducing one of the foundations of the “Being a Leader” course from 2 to 3 p.m. March 16. Leadership expert and economist Jensen will present the live Q&A webinar “Integrity: Without It Nothing Works,” highlighting how integrity impacts leader effectiveness. Register for the webinar online at