CLEMSON — Clemson University trustees Friday approved the final step in building a childcare facility to serve faculty, staff and student families among other business in their quarterly meetings on campus Feb. 8-9.

The trustees approved the $5 million budget to construct a 12,700-square-foot childcare facility, which will be operated by a private, third-party provider for infant, toddler and preschool children. The construction will be funded through an established endowment for faculty and staff benefits, with expected completion in 2020.

The board also approved the first phases of three current or new facility projects:

  • $1 million for the design of an expansion and renovation of Daniel Hall, a 68,000-square-foot general classroom building in the center of campus. The project, with a total budget of $45 million, will be paid for with a mix of state institutional bonds and maintenance and stewardship funds. Daniel Hall was built in 1969. Completion of this project is planned for spring 2021.
  • A new 186,000-square-foot interdisciplinary Advanced Materials Science Complex research lab. The board approved $2.2 million in maintenance and stewardship funds to begin design work for the $110 million instructional and research lab, which will be funded through state institutional bonds and private gifts. Planned completion is 2021.
  • $175,000 to begin design of an on-campus, non-denominational chapel. The Samuel J. Cadden Chapel will provide students, faculty and staff with a quiet space for reflection and meditation, as well as a place for the celebration and remembrance of Clemson students. The total project cost is estimated at $5 million and will be funded with private gifts. Completion is planned for 2020.

The trustees also set graduate student tuition to be in line with competitive rates. Clemson’s rates are currently approximately 33 percent lower than similar programs in South Carolina. The adjusted new pricing structure will be phased in over two years and does not apply to any students currently enrolled in these select programs.

Regarding other academic matters, the trustees approved:

a new Clemson Operations Research Institute (CORI). The institute will serve as a hub for operations research students and faculty and will represent a portal for applied studies that promote economic development within the state.

a new online MBA program, effective 2019.

an additional instructional site location at Charleston Cigar Factory for the Master of Architecture degree and the graduate certificate in Architecture + CommunityBUILD.

Trustees also approved a formal expense policy and procedures for the board reflecting their current practices; and adopted a values statement after receiving input from faculty, staff and students.