By Molly Collins

CLEMSON — A Creative Inquiry team at Clemson University has launched $60 Scholarships, a social enterprise that provides educational opportunities to impoverished children living in the Burial Grounds area of Belize.

Class members and volunteers from various campus organizations will staff a donation booth in the Hendrix Student Center breezeway from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday-Friday.

The class has partnered with Unity Christian School in Belize City in the selection of children for scholarships. For $60, a child can be provided with a school uniform, books, supplies and tuition for an entire year.

“The magic of $60 Scholarships is that current college students ‘pay it forward,’” said Sean Williams, professor of the class and chairman of the English department. “We’re not just raising awareness about the importance of education, but we’re actually making an impact that has the potential to change the future of a generation of young people, in this case Belize, who simply didn’t have access to education before.”

Throughout the semester, the Creative Inquiry students have handled all of the business operations, from financing to marketing and promotional strategy.

“Everything that has presently been and has yet to be accomplished is possible through the diligent efforts of promotional, communications, operations and social media teams,” said Becky Williams, promotional director. “A typical day could include anything from consulting with business professionals to discussing the best strategies to maximize the potential of the enterprise.”  

The group has raised $600 dollars thus far, enough to send 10 Belizean children to school next year. Donations in any amount will be accepted and can be made with cash, check or via PayPal through the $60 Scholarships website. Checks must be made payable to “Sixty Dollar Scholarships.”


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