Julia and Doug Eggert

Julia Eggert and her husband, Doug, attend the ceremony celebrating her receiving the American Academy of Nursing Fellow, one of nursing’s highest honors

CLEMSON — Julia Eggert, professor and coordinator of the healthcare genetics Ph.D. program in the Clemson University School of Nursing, has been named an American Academy of Nursing Fellow, one of the highest honors in the nursing profession.

The American Academy of Nursing’s 2,300 fellows are nursing’s most accomplished leaders in education, management, practice, policy and research. Recognized for their extraordinary nursing careers, they represent all 50 states, the District of Columbia and 24 countries.

Eggert was inducted as a fellow during the academy’s recent annual policy conference in Washington, D.C.

Eggert’s passion is cancer nursing. For most of her professional life, she practiced in rural settings with minimal access to advanced nursing programs or medical centers. She believes patients in these rural settings are cared for by nurses with knowledge equal to those practicing in nationally recognized cancer centers.

“Thirty years ago, South Carolina had limited access to cancer screening and genetic health information,” Eggert said. “Through collaboration with motivated lay persons and medical professionals, I helped to implement low-cost cancer screening, promoted national certification through dissemination of oncology practice information and co-developed a healthcare genetics doctoral program at Clemson that will position nurse leaders to lead change to improve health and health care nationally.”

“We are thrilled that Dr. Eggert has been recognized as an American Academy of Nursing Fellow,” said Clemson School of Nursing Interim Director Ann Wetsel. “This honor is a reflection of her impact on the School of Nursing’s graduate program and cancer research and outreach. But, even more, it is a reflection of her impact on the nursing profession and the students and patients she works with every day. We are tremendously proud to have her on our faculty, and we are pleased that she received this prestigious honor in recognition of her vision and leadership.”

After years working as a nurse, Eggert joined Clemson’s School of Nursing faculty in 2000. In addition to starting the healthcare genetics doctoral program, she has served the school as the RN-BS program coordinator and Mary Cox professor. She holds a Ph.D. in microbiology from Clemson, a master of nursing degree from Wichita State University and a Bachelor of Science in nursing from the University of Kansas.

The American Academy of Nursing serves the public and the nursing profession by advancing health policy and practice through the generation, synthesis and dissemination of nursing knowledge.