CLEMSON — The International Center for Academic Integrity at Clemson University is joining the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs on their Global Ethics Day to host an international day of action against contract cheating via custom essay-writing services.

The International Center for Academic Integrity has been working to address the contract cheating industry. The center supports the recently released report on contract cheating by the United Kingdom’s Quality Assurance Agency titled “Plagiarism in higher education. Custom essay writing services: An exploration and next steps for the UK higher education sector.”

This report points out that the contract cheating industry is a “growing threat” to higher education around the world. Many of the most prominent companies operate in multiple countries. Contract cheating damages the dignity of higher education by defrauding the public and devaluing education, according to the report.

Like the Quality Assurance Agency, Clemson’s group is recommending a multifaceted approach that includes the promotion of academic integrity cultures and practices, assessment redesign and legal changes to root and stamp out the contract cheating providers.

To help achieve these goals, Clemson’s academic integrity team is partnering with the Carnegie Council for Global Ethics Day on Oct. 19. The intention is to launch an international day of action against contract cheating.

The group will also be releasing an institutional toolkit to help colleges and universities prevent and detect contract cheating. A part of this toolkit is the legislative proposal template. This template can be used by institutions and their local government officials to create legislation against contract cheating in their own jurisdictions.

Institutions interested in joining the International Day of Action are asked to register at The website provides instructions as well as promotional materials to use. Request a copy of this toolkit at