CLEMSON — Hewlett-Packard (HP) has donated an HP Indigo 5000 Digital Press valued at more than $500,000 to Clemson University’s graphic communications program as part of a new academic collaboration to support the next generation of talent in the digital printing field.

Students work with the Indigo 5000 Printer in Godfrey Hall.

Students work with the Indigo 5000 Printer in Godfrey Hall.

Yishai Amir, vice president and general manager of HP’s Americas Graphics Solutions Business, said, “Clemson University is training today’s students to become tomorrow’s digitally savvy innovators in the graphics communications and packaging industries. HP and Dscoop are pleased to collaborate with Clemson to provide students a hands-on educational experience.”

The Clemson-HP collaboration is developing a pipeline of capable talent needed by the growing digital printing industry. Having hands-on experience using the HP Indigo 5000 Digital Press will give Clemson students invaluable access to that growing market segment through internship and career opportunities.

More than 600 students will receive experience and the opportunity to get official certification using the press each year. The HP press will be used in 10 courses for undergraduate students studying graphic communications and also will be available to packaging science students.

“Digital printing technology is drastically changing the landscape of the packaging and publishing industries and will continue to provide fantastic opportunities for employees with deep understanding of its impact on marketing and consumer preferences, as well as technical design and workflow implications,” said Chip Tonkin, chair of Clemson’s graphic communications department and director of the Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics.

The Indigo HP 5000 printer sits in Godfrey Hall

Danny Scales, who is with Hewlett-Packard Indigo, works to install an HP Indigo 5000 digital printer in Godfrey Hall. Image Credit / Ken Scar

“HP’s equipment donation and general support of the Graphic Communications program will enable us to provide our students with an unprecedented level of hands-on experience and use in real-world applications that will provide a tangible advantage in the workplace.”

“The Clemson graphics communication program has been ‘best in class’ for many years. It has not only educated students, but has educated or re-educated the existing industry workforce,” said Ed Wiegand, a member of the Digital Solutions Cooperative (Dscoop) North American board of directors and executive vice president of the Matlet Group.

“For me, the generous HP Indigo donation represents a generational shift in graphics education at Clemson,” he said. “Digital print is now an integral part of our world. I look forward to the relevant contribution of interns and the great graduating talent adding value to the Dscoop community as well as our transforming print industry.”

Dscoop is a cooperative of HP Graphics Solutions Business partners and thought leaders and represents the largest community of its kind in the digital print industry.

This gift is part of Clemson University’s $1 billion The Will to Lead capital campaign to support faculty and students with scholarships, professorships, facilities and technology.