Architecture design studio review in Clemson’s Lee III

Architecture design studio review in Clemson’s Lee III

CLEMSON — Clemson University programs in architecture and landscape architecture have been named among the nation’s best in an annual ranking of accredited programs in the United States.

DesignIntelligence Quarterly ranks Clemson’s graduate program in architecture ninth among public institutions and 20th overall nationally in the annual publication “America’s Best Architecture and Design Schools.” Clemson’s undergraduate program in landscape architecture is ranked 14th among public institutions and 15th overall.

Now in its 17th year, the DesignIntelligence survey is conducted annually for the Design Futures Council, an interdisciplinary network of design, product, construction and real estate leaders. According to the publication, nearly 3,000 professional practitioners in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture and interior design participated in this year’s survey.

The ranking is based largely upon employers’ response to a single question: “In your firm’s hiring experience in the past five years, which of the following schools are best preparing students for success in the profession and designing a sustainable future?”

Landscape architecture class being held in Lee Hall III. Paul Russell is the Professor.

Landscape architecture class

“The DesignIntelligence rankings are greatly anticipated each fall,” said Richard Goodstein, dean of the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities. “Having Clemson’s architecture and landscape architecture programs ranked in the top tier is truly gratifying. Both programs’ faculty should be proud of their dedication to the student experience and their work in preparing the next generation of design professionals.”

This marks the first time Clemson’s undergraduate program in landscape architecture has achieved national ranking.

“It’s wonderful to receive endorsement from the professional community that our students are indeed prepared to advance the discipline of landscape architecture and engage in designing a sustainable future,” said Mary Padua, professor and chair of Clemson’s landscape architecture department.

This year marks the fifth consecutive year that Clemson’s School of Architecture has been ranked in the top 20 overall, and the top 10 programs among public universities.

“We strive to produce design leaders, through rigorous and expansive design education across a ‘fluid campus;’ through our collaborations with communities, industry and other design and planning disciplines; and through our focus on addressing the great challenges of our time,” said Kate Schwennsen, professor and director of the architecture program. “We congratulate our graduates on their continuing success, thank them for making us proud and most importantly, thank them for making a difference.”

In the rankings publication, Clemson’s School of Architecture was also cited as one of 18 programs in the nation involved in a pilot program to streamline the path to professional licensure for architecture graduates. The “Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure” represents a partnership between academic programs and the profession to shorten the length of time required to obtain a professional license. Clemson’s IPAL program is focused in and administered by the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston.