CLEMSON — The Clemson Alumni Association has a new special-interest group for alumni called the Clemson Alumni Society for Equality (CASE). The group’s goal is to engage and support Clemson’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender alumni, as well as other under-represented populations.

The Clemson Alumni Association actively seeks to bring together segments of the Clemson family around common bonds and shared interests. As part of this ongoing effort, CASE joins 14 established alumni special-interest groups, including the Women’s Alumni Council, Black Alumni Council, Young Alumni and Clemson Corps. The Clemson Alumni Council approved CASE earlier this year.

CASE has more than 60 members in cities across the country. CASE president Rob Pilaud of Alexandria, Va., said the group’s membership is not limited to gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people and is open to anyone who supports CASE’s goal to promote equality and nondiscrimination.

Pilaud said CASE’s main priority is to raise enough money to establish a scholarship fund. He said CASE will also provide social and networking opportunities among its members and current students.

“We want students and young alumni to know that their elder brothers and sisters in the Clemson family would be happy to give them advice and mentor them as they start out in their careers,” Pilaud said. 

CASE members also want to work with the university to implement its nondiscrimination, harassment and related policies to include sexual and affinity orientation and engage students, faculty, staff and alumni in activities and dialogue to increase awareness of and respect for different cultures and backgrounds.

For more information about CASE, visit, the CASE Yahoo! group at, the Facebook group at or contact Pilaud at or 202-258-5486.