CLEMSON — Seven educators in the Clemson University College of Business and Behavioral Science have been awarded the distinction of being named Trevillian Distinguished Professors, Dean Bobby McCormick has announced.

“This distinguished group was chosen based on their dedication to our place, their facility for creating thirst in students, their ingenuity and ability to communicate, their capacity to uncover new and interesting scientific and moral truths, and their sense of purpose to be part of something bigger than themselves,” McCormick said.

The late Wallace Trevillian is considered the founding dean of business at Clemson.

The seven professors named to three-year Trevillian professorship terms by McCormick and the college’s Trevillian Cabinet, are:

Larry Fredendall, management – Fredendall has conducted extensive research on supply chain and production operations management. He has 53 publications and has made nearly 130 conference presentations. He is an editor of respected Management journals and director of the Institute for the Advancement of Health Care.

Catherine Mobley, sociology – Currently serving as interim chair of the sociology and anthropology department, Mobley is an accomplished researcher in the areas of environment and sustainability and STEM education. She is a multi-award winning instructor, is one of the most collaborative professors on campus and in 2014 received the university Class of ’39 Award for Excellence.

Tom Britt, psychology – An honorably discharged U.S. Army major, Britt has done extensive research for the Department of Defense and is currently conducting research for NASA’s 2030 Mars mission. He is a prolific researcher and his studies examine how stigma and other barriers to care influence employees in high-stress occupations. He has authored more than 20 books and book chapters.

Robin Kowalski, psychology – Kowalski is an expert on aversive interpersonal behaviors, including bullying, complaining, teasing and is considered one of the world’s leading experts on cyberbullying. A winner of multiple teaching awards, Kowalski has received 6,500 citations and her research on complaining has resulted in international recognition. She is Clemson’s 2015 candidate for the Carnegie Fellowship.

Mike Coggeshall, anthropology – Clemson’s senior anthropologist, Coggeshall’s recent research centers on the study of traditional groups in the U.S. and he has done extensive research on South Carolina mountain cultures and the African-American community in upper Pickens County. He is passionate about preserving local heritage and serves on the General Anthropology board.

Bill Kilbourne, marketing – Kilbourne is internationally recognized for research in sustainability, macro marketing and green marketing. He serves on multiple editorial review boards and frequently reviews for more than 20 journals and conferences. He won the CBBS Outstanding Service Award in 2015 for his work on the college’s reaccreditation and his efforts are largely responsible for the success of CBBS’s recent reaccreditation.

Phil Roth, management – His research in the areas of organizational staffing, gender issues and the impact of social media in organizations has resulted in nearly 7,000 citations and publication in more than 30 top-tier journals. His research on social media use in selecting employees has received national attention. He is a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the American Psychological Society.

Members of the Trevillian Cabinet include: Cheri Phyfer, chair, division president and general manager, Diversified Branding, Sherwin Williams in Cleveland; Rich Davies, president of Pavilion Development Co. in Charlotte; Todd Lankford, CEO, Medalist Capital Inc., Charlotte; Jeff Brown, CEO, Ally Financial in Charlotte; Mark Richardson, owner/manager, MAR Real Estate LLC in Charlotte; John Byers of New York; Mark Mitchell, co-founder and principal, CNH Partners LLH in Greenwich, Connecticut; David Black of Greenville; and David Pattillo, chief financial officer for ClearStar Inc. in Alpharetta, Georgia.