Clockwise from top left: Drew Lanham, Nic Brown, Jim Melvin, Donald Liebenberg.CLEMSON – Several authors of “Eclipse Over Clemson: The day Tigertown will never forget” will hold book signings in the Upstate early next month.

On Feb. 4, Drew Lanham, Nic Brown and Jim Melvin will appear at Hub City Bookshop and Press in Spartanburg from 1-3 p.m.

On Feb. 6, Lanham, Brown, Donald Liebenberg and Melvin will appear at The Booksmith in Seneca from 2-4 p.m.

Eclipse Over Clemson: The day Tigertown will never forget” contains chapters from scientists, naturalists, psychologists, media relations experts and novelists. It has more than 100 full-color images of the eclipse and the crowd taken by a team of talented photographers. The cover photograph was taken by Ken Scar, an award-winning communications strategist in University Relations. His spectacular image of totality over Memorial Stadium has been viewed on social media by millions of people.

The hard-cover commemorative book, produced by the College of Science and published by Clemson University Press, chronicles “Eclipse Over Clemson,” a mega-viewing party for the 2017 coast-to-coast total solar eclipse that drew about 50,000 people to Clemson’s main campus on Aug. 21.

Lanham is a celebrated naturalist who holds an endowed chair as an Alumni Distinguished Professor in the department of forestry and environmental conservation in Clemson University’s College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences. His work and opinions have been featured on National Public Radio, National Geographic online, in USA Today, the New York Times and Slate. His first solo works are “The Home Place — A Colored Man’s Love Affair with Nature,” and a book of poetry titled “Sparrow Envy.”

Brown is author of the novels “In Every Way,” “Doubles” and “Floodmarkers,” which was selected as an Editors’ Choice by The New York Times Book Review. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, Garden & Gun and the Harvard Review, among many other publications. Formerly the Grisham Writer-in-Residence at the University of Mississippi, he is now an assistant professor of English at Clemson University.

The cover of "Eclipse Over Clemson: The day Tigertown will never forget"

Media strategist Ken Scar took the cover photograph of the eclipse book.
Image Credit: Clemson University Press

Melvin is the director of communications for Clemson’s College of Science. He is an award-winning journalist and a novelist. He is the author of “The Death Wizard Chronicles,” a magical, six-book epic fantasy for adult audiences.

Liebenberg is an adjunct professor in the department of physics and astronomy at Clemson University. The renowned astronomer has personally witnessed and researched 27 total solar eclipses and has spent more time in totality than anyone else on Earth. His lifelong exploits attracted local, national and even international attention during the weeks leading up to the Aug. 21, 2017 total solar eclipse.

Liebenberg conducted about 20 interviews with media broadcast and print outlets ranging from Seneca, South Carolina, to Washington, D.C., to Europe. Stories about him appeared in hundreds of media venues.

Here are a few highlights: