To no one’s surprise, the MBA Student Association has been very businesslike in its approach to growing participation in the organization, and it’s been noticed.

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The MBA Student Association has grown its numbers through a variety of activities.

Recently, Student Affairs named the MBASA the most improved graduate student association on campus. That accomplishment was a result of a group of students executing on a strategic plan that involved networking, collaboration and communication.

“Our goal was to create an even greater MBA student experience through the association, and that it was sustainable,” said Jacob Kerby, a first-year MBAc student from Alabama and president of the association. “We networked with similar organizations at other schools to mine for ideas, involved alumni and set out to engage more international students.”

Kerby credits leadership in recent years for building the organization’s backbone, which has resulted in an organized and well-thought-out approach to building interest in the group’s many events. From tailgates, networking happy hours and guest speakers to non-profit volunteering and a variety of community projects, MBASA has the attention of its base.

“Our organization has made unbelievable strides over the past year and we regularly have 50 to 75 students involved in different organized events according to their interests,” Kerby said. “Faculty has told us this is the most involvement the student group has had in their memory.”

Greg Pickett, MBA director and senior associate dean of the College of Business, said the student association’s increased engagement is a result of motivated students wanting to make a difference.

“The association seems to have a stronger sense of pride that wasn’t as noticeable in the past. Their success in engaging others speaks to the caliber of students we have in the MBA program. By engaging more cohorts and alumni, they are not only improving students’ experience here, they’re making a difference in many lives.”

In addition to enrichment activities that involve guest speakers, the student association is actively engaged in events that give back to the community. They’ve partnered with Rebuild Upstate in constructing a wheelchair ramp for a local resident, organized fund-raising events for Special Olympics and contributed to a local food bank. An investment club has also been established recently.

By engaging more students in socially responsible, academic enrichment and alumni networking events, Kerby believes the association will have a long-lasting impact on the MBA program and cohorts’ careers.

“Much of what we’re doing will benefit students beyond their school years. By building a strong and influential association that is sustainable, we are not only setting an example for future students but elevating the MBA program at Clemson and making our degrees from here even more valuable.”

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