For the sixth consecutive year, Clemson University and its Department of Marketing have been cited as a national leader among universities in preparing and placing students in professional selling roles.

The Sales Education Foundation, a non-profit national organization whose mission it is to elevate the sales profession through university education, named Clemson on its annual list of “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education.” The foundation recognizes university programs for preparing students for careers in professional selling and helping elevate the sales profession.

“This recognition of Clemson’s commitment to sales education for the sixth straight year is due to the hard work and efforts of students, faculty, staff, and corporate partners of the Department of Marketing,” said Jesse Moore, associate professor, marketing. “Clemson’s consistent presence on the Sales Education Foundation list is a testament to the quality of the professional sales classes and career preparation students receive here. The Clemson graduate enters a professional setting with an understanding of the sales process and the role the sales force plays within organizations.”

Moore said Clemson’s marketing program puts a strong emphasis on building interpersonal communication skills, essential to the sales professional. “In addition, our students leave Clemson with hands-on experience in the sales process and are required to consummate real sales transactions.”

Sally Stevens, executive director of the Sales Education Foundation, said companies should increase their focus on partnering with top university sales programs like Clemson. “Top sales organizations would benefit greatly in developing partnerships with these programs that are educating the next generation of professional sales people.”