Katrina Meeks is following in her daughter’s footsteps today, a path she would have chosen had circumstances been different when she was considering college choices years ago.

Courtney and Katrina Meeks are in pursuit of their MBAs.

Courtney and Katrina Meeks are in pursuit of their MBAs.
Image Credit: Craig Mahaffey

Daughter Courtney is in her second year of the MBA program at Clemson University, where she earned an undergraduate degree as well. “I originally wasn’t going to attend Clemson as an undergraduate, but my mother wanted to attend school here so badly coming out of high school. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to. I know she’s happy today that I made the choice I did,” Courtney said.

Katrina, admittedly a Tiger wannabe all these years, earned her undergraduate degree in business administration from Lander University in Greenwood. More than 20 years later, she’s a successful human resources professional and has decided to follow in her daughter’s footsteps by pursuing an MBAe degree at Clemson.

“Clemson didn’t work out for me as I was coming out of high school. Today, I couldn’t be happier having the opportunity to earn an advanced degree from Clemson at this point in my life,” Katrina said.

In her full-time position with the Greenville Hospital System, Katrina recruits talent for the health care provider. And she’s already seeing results from the entrepreneurial MBA experience in her everyday work.

“I’m approaching my work very differently today because of the way I’m learning in the MBAe program at Clemson,” Katrina said. “Before I started the program, Courtney told me to stay closely connected to my cohorts, because they were going to be important to my success, and she was right. Beyond the great classroom experience, I’m learning so much from my peers, who come from a broad spectrum of industries.”

Courtney said a role reversal has occurred since her mother entered the MBAe program.

“She used to help me in school and provide great advice, and now I’m returning the favor,” Courtney said. “Today, I’m trying to help her re-acclimate to being in school. Helping with things like technology and prioritizing homework are ways I can provide assistance as she adjusts to earning another degree while working a full-time job.”

Mom agrees there’s been a change in roles, and it’s welcomed.

“Courtney has definitely been the voice of reason for me in getting back into the rhythm of doing homework, adjusting to the technologies and helping me navigate through the different ways we learn today. My supportive husband, helpful daughter and knowledgeable cohorts have all made this new chapter of my life a very enriching experience.”

Courtney, the MBA program’s alumni relationship manager, sees herself in a market strategy development role post-graduation. Though Katrina is reaping benefits from the MBAe program now, she sees its benefits paying off, even in retirement.

“I owned a business prior to coming to GHS and while it was successful, I see all of the missed opportunities because I did not have my MBA cohorts to support me. This program not only teaches you about running a business but allows you to see opportunities in businesses owned by others and how you can enhance current opportunities,” she said. “Meantime, I’m in a great position personally and professionally. I have a great job, supportive family and am learning so much from those around me in the MBAe program. It bodes well for me in my current professional role, and down the road.”

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