Walking through Douthit Hills, it quickly becomes apparent the newest university space is a significant addition to the campus community. Former Clemson University President James F. Barker had an important hand in the design of the new area — a design that included a walkway through the buildings with an iconic view of Tillman Hall.

Home to seven new residence halls and over 1,600 beds for both upperclassmen and first-year students, the community provides much more than living space.

Tillman Hall from the sidewalk view of Douthit Hills

The spine of Douthit Hills features impeccable views of Tillman Hall.
Image Credit: Clemson University Relations

In between the East and West neighborhoods lives The Hub of Douthit — a building that is home to many amenities inviting faculty, staff and students to gather in the newest addition to the Clemson community.

The Hub will house multiple dining options, the campus bookstore, a fitness center and many gathering spaces. Some of the various dining options include a facility with three stations: a pizza and garden station, a rotating fusion menu and the famous smokehouse that used to live next to Harcombe Dining Hall. The availability of a third dining facility will take a bit of weight off the two other busy dining halls (Core Campus, Schilletter) on campus and give a little more variety to the daily meal options.

With a fitness facility opening on the Hub’s second floor, it provides more convenient option for those who live on the east side of campus. Complete with free weights, a cardio area, studios, classrooms and locker rooms, the Douthit Hills fitness facility will be a tremendous addition to the wellness options on campus.

For those in a rush after a workout, Freshens — a large grab-and-go store located a floor below the fitness facility — will be the perfect place to stop. Filled with many healthy options, Freshens will become a destination to grab a healthy snack or smoothie in between meetings or classes.

The waterdeck, an 18-inch deep wading pool, at Douthit Hills

One of the many impressive features of Douthit Hills is the waterdeck located among the West residential units.
Image Credit: Clemson University Relations

Douthit offers an abundant amount of seating areas for solo work or group settings. The community features both indoor and outdoor seating, made up of workstations, lounge seating and outdoor umbrella-shaded tables. Included in these seating areas is the water deck located near the B building on the west side of Douthit. The deck is an outdoor lounge area — with an 18-inch wading pool — open to students. The water deck will be the perfect place to relax or get work done while lounging by the water.

In addition to the impressive Hub, the ultra-modern residential units will foster a close-knit community feel within the buildings. Both the East and West residence halls come with large lobby lounges and community kitchens. And while there is no bad view from any of the rooms, the Terrace Lounge — located on the fourth floor of building A — serves as a gathering space that showcases incredible views of Lake Hartwell, the mountains and the entire campus.

Donnie Lloyd, associate director of projects for University Housing & Dining, can’t hold back his excitement for the completion of the project.

“The entire design team has been outstanding on this project,” he said. “I cannot compliment them enough… Douthit Hills has been a great project for University Housing & Dining and will be a tremendous asset for Clemson University.”