Photo of John DesJardinsFaculty co-founder of Clemson University’s Design and Entrepreneurship Network John DesJardins recently attended the annual Coulter College 3-Day design and entrepreneurship education workshop in Miami. He served as a co-leader and educator.

DesJardins is a co-founder of this nationally acclaimed program, where university students and faculty are immersed in the design and entrepreneurship process with a focus on biomedical devices. Organized by the Coulter Foundation, teams of clinical, industry and regulatory experts take students through the design and commercialization process to produce novel ideas for critical health care issues.

“The Coulter College experience is intense,” says DesJardins. “We put these teams through one of the most challenging three-day design and commercialization experiences in the country, but it’s worth it!”

Now in its third year, the Coulter College event has had more than 50 university teams participate with Clemson University student teams competing in 2012 and 2013. Clemson won the graduate student design competition in 2012.

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