Clemson students at White House

Image Credit: Laurie Moore/National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation (Epicenter)

The DEN’s students and faculty joined with Clemson University President James P. Clements to deliver a letter of commitment to President Barack Obama as part of the first-ever White House Demo Day. In this letter, Clemson committed to expand innovation and entrepreneurship education offerings and programs. The goal is to enhance the economic potential of colleges and universities and better prepare students to create products that benefit humankind.

The White House event was hosted by the University Innovation Fellows program, and three DEN students were specifically recognized for their efforts at Clemson: Breanne Przestrzelski, Connor Bolick and Justin Shaw. “We are extremely pleased to have Clemson University listed as one of the 30 schools endorsing this letter to the White House,” said John DesJardins, The DEN faculty cofounder.

The White House event was attended by representatives of the University Innovation Fellows program, of which Przestrzelski, Bolick and Shaw are also national student members.

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