With stories of cybercrime dominating the headlines, CCIT wants to help keep you safe online with the Clemson Cybersecurity Video Series. The series will feature a wide array of cybersecurity topics, focusing on one per video in short, useful installments. If there’s a topic you would like to see covered, contact Ryan Real. New videos will be posted on this page and the CCIT website.

The first video in the series discusses two-factor authentication. Clemson rolled out two-factor authentication in early March and will require it on campus systems in the coming months. In 90 seconds, learn what two-factor authentication is and why it’s important.

Clemson has seen several phishing attacks recently as cyber criminals try to steal personal information from University employees and students. Phishing attacks come in the form of emails or web pages that look legitimate, trying to fool you into providing information. In 90 seconds, learn how you can spot a phishing attempt and stay safe.

In the third video, learn about some general things you can do online to make sure your information will stay protected. From privacy settings to automatic updates, it’s important to stay current with your online safety.