Participants in the Joseph F. Sullivan Center’s CU4Health employee wellness program have the opportunity to participate in a CUFit comprehensive fitness assessment for free. Accompanied by Certified Recreation Therapists, students studying recreational therapy assess participants’ fitness and leisure activity during a one-hour session.

During the session, students evaluate participants’ physical fitness level including upper body strength, flexibility, body composition and aerobic capacity. Students will also ask about participants’ leisure interests, constraints and personal goals. Once a participant’s assessment is complete, students will develop realistic and attainable goals and identify resources to help the participant reach those goals.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, call the Sullivan Center at (864) 656-3076. Participants should wear or bring athletic clothing, water and a snack to the session.

Clemson’s employee wellness program, CU4Health is covered by the State Health Plan. It provides an online health risk appraisal, yearly lab work and personalized counseling sessions for participants. The program provides a Health Activity Tracker online and launched an incentive program in January where participants can log their wellness activities for points. Points can be redeemed quarterly for prizes. The online program has a wellness calendar that shows all the events for the month and most events are free or available at a discounted cost.

Located on the first floor of Edwards Hall on the Clemson campus, the Joseph F. Sullivan Center is a nurse-managed health center that provides health services to Clemson employees, and community outreach programs to rural and underserved communities and individuals. The Sullivan Center is part of Clemson’s College of Health, Education and Human Development.