Milsom - ACA Fellow

Amy Milsom (second from right) gathers with other newly named ACA fellows at the American Counseling Association’s most recent conference in San Francisco.
Image Credit: American Counseling Association

Amy Milsom, a professor of counselor education in Clemson’s College of Education and coordinator of the college’s school counseling program, was recently named a fellow in the American Counseling Association. Milsom was recognized along with other new ACA fellows by the association during its recent conference in San Francisco.

According to the association, ACA fellows are members of professional distinction recognized for significant and unique contributions to the counseling profession through professional practice, scientific achievement, leadership and governance, and/or teaching and training. Milsom said she is honored to be among the less than 1 percent of ACA members who become ACA fellows.

“When I think of fellows I think of big names and important leaders in the profession,” Milsom said, “so aside from thinking I’m not old enough to be a fellow, it’s great to be recognized in the company of so many people I admire for their professional contributions to counseling.”

Milsom said she enjoyed the conference and has in the past, as it allows her to connect with colleagues and former students and stay abreast of current research and trends in the profession. Several of the fellows with whom Milsom was honored are people she has worked with in the past, and Milsom said it was nice to recognized alongside them.

ACA fellows are expected to represent a diverse community of thoughtful leaders and create an expand on both knowledge and insight into the strategic matters of the counseling profession. According to the association, they should identify and develop future leaders; take an active role in identifying future trends, research and issues; and serve through active leadership in support of ACA activities and programs.

“I appreciate that fellows do not all emerge from the same mold; there are many ways to shape the profession and I have an appreciation of them all,” Milsom said. “I’ve always valued that responsibility by being on the forefront of current research and helping future counselors transition into the profession.”

Milsom has served as a faculty member at Clemson since 2008 and she has trained graduate students in counselor education over the past 16 years. She is a K-12 certified school counselor, National Certified Counselor and an LPC-Supervisor.

Milsom has over 70 publications in counseling, including approximately 40 peer-reviewed journal articles, one book and 30 non–refereed publications and book chapters. Additionally, she has given approximately 50 national and regional presentations at counseling conferences. She serves on the editorial board for several ACA journals and she is a past editor of Professional School Counseling.

Milsom was elected chair of the CACREP 2016 Standards Revision Committee, and she has served as a CACREP Site Team Member and Site Team Chair since 2002. With respect to ACA service, she was a member of the ACA Professional Standards Committee, and she has reviewed ACA Ross Trust Scholarship applications and ACA conference proposals.