Three educators in Clemson University’s College of Business have been awarded the distinction of being named Trevillian Distinguished Professors, Dean Bobby McCormick announced recently.

“The Trevillian professorship is the highest honor the dean’s office can bestow on faculty,” McCormick said. “This level of recognition represents the best our college has to offer and is conferred on those dedicated to our purpose. Through their exceptional work, these professors have created a thirst among their students to learn, and have shown a desire to be part of something bigger than themselves.”

The three-year Trevillian professorship is renewable and comes with an annual stipend that can be taken as salary, used for research, or both.

The three professors named to three-year Trevillian Professorship terms by McCormick and the college’s Trevillian Cabinet, are:

Thatcher, Trevillian professor

Jason Thatcher

Jason Thatcher is a management professor and has received numerous awards for his academic accomplishments. He is immediate past-president of the Association for Information Systems and is among the most published management information systems experts in the world. He is consistently ranked in the top three in MIS research productivity worldwide. Thatcher has also earned a spot on the MIS Quarterly’s Most Prolific Author’s List. He has also been a visiting professor at Hong Kong Baptist and IT-Copenhagen universities.

Widener, Trevillian professor

Sally Widener

Sally Widener is a professor of accounting who is widely published in top academic accounting journals for her work on management control systems. She has received numerous research and teaching awards. She is president of the Accounting, Behavior and Organizations Section of the American Accounting Association. She holds a visiting professor position at Nyenrode University, The Netherlands, and is a certified public accountant in Texas and a certified internal auditor.

Wilson, Trevillian professor

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is a professor of economics and in the school of computing, computer science division. He teaches graduate courses in econometrics. Wilson is widely published in areas of computational and mathematical statistics, econometric theory and empirical microeconomics including banking, health, transportation and urban economics. He is a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank, St. Louis and a visiting professor at Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

The College of Business Trevillian Cabinet is an independent organization providing support and assistance to the College of Business’s Advancement Office at Clemson. The mission of the Board is to provide input to the dean and the College Advancement staff about development activities and opportunities.

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