A Clemson University assistant professor who led the development of a new breed of firewall will have a chance to present the research he and his team did to some of the world’s top cybersecurity experts.

Hongxin Hu’s technical paper was recently accepted by the 24th Network and Distributed System Security Symposium, also known as NDSS.

Honxin Hu, right, works with Hongda Li in McAdams Hall.

Hongxin Hu, right, works with Hongda Li in McAdams Hall.

Hu is a faculty member in the School of Computing’s Division of Computer Science.

“This is the first paper from Clemson University to be published in one of the ‘big four’ security conferences,” he said. “This work was fully done by our Clemson research team. My second-year Ph.D. student, Hongda Li, made a significant contribution to this paper.”

Amy Apon, chair of Division of Computer Science, congratulated Hu.

“Hu is one of several faculty members who are blowing the top off computing research here at Clemson,” she said. “His presentation at the conference will help raise Clemson’s profile in the fast-growing world of cybersecurity.”

The symposium will be held Feb. 26-March 1, 2017 in San Diego.  The paper is titled “On the Safety and Efficiency of Virtual Firewall Elasticity Control.”

“In this work, my research group designed a new breed of firewalls, virtual firewalls, which feature flexibility and elasticity, and are well suited to protect emerging virtualized national infrastructure,” Hu said. “To the best of our knowledge, this work provides the first solution for the safety and efficiency of virtual firewall control.  Our solution also provides a new network defense mechanism to protect emerging Internet-of-Things  networks.“

Since Hu joined Clemson in July 2014, he has brought five National Science Foundation  grants to Clemson, totaling about $2 million.

Kudos also came from Eileen Kraemer, the C. Tycho Howle Director of the School of Computing.

“The reputation of the symposium is a testament to the quality of Dr. Hu’s work,” she said. “I congratulate him on his success.”