Jordan Dunlap

Jordan Dunlap is a senior marketing major from Greenville, South Carolina.
Image Credit: Jordan Dunlap

Three students will be packing their bags this holiday season for Miami, Florida, where they will have a one-week experience of a lifetime. Seniors and native South Carolinians Amanda Compton, Jordan Dunlap and Cameron McIssac were recently selected to be junior host interns for the 2018 Capital One Orange Bowl where fourth ranked Oklahoma will take on top ranked Alabama.

Compton is a senior communication major from Greenville, Dunlap is a senior marketing major from Greenville, and McIssac is a senior computer information systems major from Lancaster. Katie McElveen, faculty in Clemson’s communication department, held the junior host internship in 2013 and said the position jumpstarted her career in sports. She encouraged Compton, Dunlap and McIssac to apply for the coveted position.

As junior hosts, the students will be tasked with hosting their assigned teams. They will provide hospitality services, assist with bowl week outings and interact with bowl committee members, coaches, athletic administrators and student athletes.

However, this will hardly be the students’ first experience on the college football sidelines, as they have already played crucial roles on the sidelines for the Tigers. Their past game day experiences and involvement with athletics set them apart as candidates. We got the chance to talk to Dunlap and Compton about why they look forward to the experience.

Alyx Farkas: What inspired you to pursue the Orange Bowl internship?

Jordan Dunlap: Our professor, Katie McElveen, brought the opportunity to our attention. Katie was an intern for the Orange Bowl when she was a Clemson undergrad and has talked highly of the opportunity and her experience. Also, I have worked for the Clemson Tigers as a football recruiting assistant for more than three years. I’ve really enjoyed this experience working in sports and recruiting players.


Amanda Compton is a senior communication major from Greenville.
Image Credit: Amanda Compton

Amanda Compton: My ultimate career goal is to work for either a college football team, a bowl game or another college football affiliate. I am hoping this internship will be the start of many opportunities in the sports industry.

AF: When did you develop a love for sports, particularly football?

JD: Although I played sports in high school, my love for football did not start until college. When I started working for the Clemson Tigers office the second semester of my freshman year, I fell in love with football and working for the office became a priority.

AC: Growing up, I developed a love for college football. Coming into Clemson, I knew that I wanted to work in sports. I grew up dancing competitively so sports always held a key role in my life. As a Clemson Rally Cat, I am able to combine my love for dance and football.

AF: What are you most excited for when it comes to being an intern?

JD: It will be a great opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes to make a bowl game happen and to interact with different teams. I am excited to gain experience working with a bowl team and the bowl game organization.


As a student assistant stat editor, Cameron McIssac (right) holds a key role in distributing Clemson football game state to media outlets.
Image Credit: Cameron McIssac

As a student assistant stat editor, Cameron holds a key role in distributing Clemson football game stats to media outlets.AC: I look forward to seeing what it takes to make the Orange Bowl the Orange Bowl. It will be interesting to go on outings with players and learn what is involved in creating the total bowl game experience.

AF: How do your career goals align with this internship opportunity?

JD: Ideally, I would love to go into sports working for a team or bowl game, but I also welcome any opportunities in marketing or with a public relations firm. I see the Orange Bowl internship as a great opportunity to learn and a great way to gain experience to add to my resume.

AC: My career goal is narrower in that I hope to work in the communication department for a college football team, bowl game or another college football affiliate. I am excited for my first bowl game internship experience.

Compton, Dunlap and McIssac will be in Florida from Dec. 23 to 30. The Orange Bowl takes place Saturday, Dec. 29 at 8 p.m. It follows the Cotton Bowl Classic at 4 p.m. when Clemson takes on Notre Dame.