Clemson—In support of the academic goals of ClemsonForward, the University’s strategic plan, a new program of faculty fellows has been created by the Clemson University Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation (OTEI), the Division of Undergraduate Studies and the Clemson Thinks2 program.

Six Clemson faculty members have been named as TeachingForward Fellows for the 2019-20 academic year. Answering a call sent out during spring 2019, each fellow submitted an application highlighting their work on teaching effectiveness and innovation, which was then mapped to the goals of the University strategic plan (ClemsonForward).

Selected for their excellence in undergraduate teaching and demonstrated leadership with curriculum design and development, the fellows include:

  • Michelle Boettcher, Ph.D., assistant professor, College of Education, Department of Education and Organizational Leadership
  • Lauren Duffy, Ph.D., assistant professor, College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
  • Walt Hunter, Ph.D., assistant professor, College of Arts, Architecture and Humanities, Department of English;
  • Christine Minor, senior lecturer, College of Science, Department of Biological Sciences;
  • Chad Sosolik, Ph.D., professor, College of Science, Department of Physics and Astronomy;
  • Erica Walker, Ph.D., assistant professor, College of Business, Department of Graphic Communications

Each fellow will develop a portfolio of faculty professional development activities connected to ClemsonForward at the start of fall semester.

“The TeachingForward Fellows are exemplars of faculty who balance leadership, research and service duties with a genuine commitment to instruction,” said Cole Smith, associate provost for academic initiatives. “Their innovations in the classroom impact every facet of the ClemsonForward strategic plan, while establishing these Fellows as national leaders in teaching and learning.” This inaugural cohort of fellows will support teaching activities related to integration of global and diversity learning into curricula, fostering evidence-based academic engagement, re-envisioning the general education curriculum and building interdisciplinary curricula.

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, Amy Lawton-Rauh agrees. “The transdisciplinary and integrative impacts of the TeachingForward program will set a foundation of excellence at a critical time in the education of our students as the leaders of tomorrow,”said Lawton-Rauh. “Through the dedication of this year’s fellows, students and colleagues alike will greatly benefit from their leadership and creativity.”

Walt Hunter is thrilled be named for this honor. “I’m particularly excited for the interdisciplinary collaborations and conversations that the program will make possible,” he said. “I think it’s crucial to learn from colleagues across the University—especially to share strategies for creating a more inclusive, accessible classroom.”

“Having these fellows will be a game changer for us,” said Bridget Trogden, associate dean for engagement and general education for the Division of Undergraduate Studies. “We know that there are several areas where we need to highlight excellent teaching and where we can continue to evolve our teaching. The fellows will be excellent collaborative leaders for improving teaching and learning at Clemson.”

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