Douglas (DJ) and Meredith Edmonson met and fell in love while both were pursuing degrees in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences. The couple now lives in California where DJ is a software engineer at Apple, and Meredith is an independent contractor.

Douglas and Meredith Edmonson.

Douglas (DJ) and Meredith Edmonson.

Just five years ago, DJ was a Clemson student — competing in a hackathon, working for CCIT on campus, and creating iOS applications through a Creative Inquiry project. Now he’s putting his problem-solving skills to the test at the largest technology company in the world.

“I’ve grown a lot professionally and personally since my freshmen days, and attribute that to how Clemson exposed me to valuable experiences and the chance to build lifelong friendships,” DJ said.

During college Meredith was an officer of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Chi Epsilon; a member of the steel bridge team; and a tour guide for the civil engineering department. She also interned with a division of The Lane Construction Corporation.

Meredith recalled how her faculty adviser and undergraduate coordinator answered countless questions and provided constant support: “They helped me plan out my course schedule for core classes and area of emphasis, and made sure I included some fun electives like archery!”

Currently she works on AutoCAD and data analysis, and sets her own schedule: “I’m able to use a lot of the same technical and analytical skills that I learned and honed at Clemson, and really enjoy the freedom to do the type of work that interests me most.”

The Edmonsons’ advice for incoming freshmen?

“Go into college with an open mind and be willing to try things outside of your comfort zone,” DJ said.

Meredith added, “Be curious and flexible; Clemson has a small-school atmosphere but big-school opportunities. You don’t feel like you’re lost in a sea of people, but at the same time, there really is something for everyone.”


Lightning Round!

Favorite Clemson tradition?

D: First Friday Parade

M: Welcome Back Festival

Favorite spot on campus?

D: Fort Hill

M: Bowman Field

Favorite place to eat in Clemson?

D: The Smokin’ Pig

M: Tiger Town Tavern