Bobbi Curry

If Bobbi Curry assembled all the certified financial research administrators in the state of South Carolina at a luncheon, she would eat alone.
Image Credit: Bobbi Curry

Bobbi Curry has served as grants administrator and manager for the Clemson University Center for Research and Collaborative Activities in the Division of Collaborative Academic Services for four years. Whether Curry realized it or not, she has spent that many years studying for a certification that is a true rarity in higher education.

Curry recently became the only certified financial research administrator (CFRA) in the state of South Carolina after passing a rigorous certification examination. Curry said she has tried to engage in as much continuing education, workshops and seminars as possible related to grants administration and the certification serves as validation in more ways than one.

“Professionally, it means that what I do each day has actually stuck to my brain,” Curry said. “Personally, I’m happy to prove that you’re never too old to learn and grow.”

According to the Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC), this certification is a unique indicator of expertise in the field that affords a recipient professional recognition and increased credibility with clients. By passing the CFRA examination, Curry has demonstrated a mastery of the governing framework, project costs, reporting and fiscal compliance aspects associated with grants administration and management.

Curry is only one of 39 individuals with this designation and the only individual in South Carolina. Certification remains valid for five years and individuals can become recertified for another five years by retaking and passing the examination or earning continuing education credits.

“I’ve been honored to do my part and be involved in helping make some truly exciting research happen at Clemson University,” Curry said. “While this does give me credibility in my field, I’m glad that it is also reflects well on the work that we do here regarding grants and research that are making a difference in so many fields of study.”