Lindle - D'Andrea

Kathryn D’Andrea (left) and Jane Clark Lindle will serve the College of Education in roles that are designed to affect state education policy.
Image Credit: Clemson University

For the Clemson University College of Education, reorganization across the university doesn’t just mean a new name. According to Dean George Petersen, the college has its eye on effecting change across the state and nation, and it will accomplish this by recruiting faculty that can be put in a position to affect education policy across the state of South Carolina.

Petersen has singled out two such positions that he feels will go far in increasing both the visibility of the college and its ability to shape the educational framework of the state. The college leadership has created a dean fellow appointment already filled by a professor of educational leadership as well as a professor of practice faculty position that has attracted a seasoned Upstate superintendent.

“Our college will always make the education and development of our students a top priority,” Petersen said, “but the college will—and should—play a vital role in shaping the educational and economic futures of South Carolina. This can only be accomplished if we set our eye on education policy that can effect these changes in broad strokes.”

In early July, the College of Education appointed Jane Clark Lindle, Ph.D., professor of educational leadership, as dean fellow of regional and state education policy and practice in the college. This role will see Lindle collaborate with Petersen on research, analysis, special projects and policy related to the College of Education and the Office of the Dean.

Lindle will work closely with college administration, faculty and staff in the development of briefings on policy issues at the regional and state levels for these groups. Petersen said Lindle’s extensive experience and expertise with policy development and research will benefit the college and its many priorities, both within Clemson and across the state and nation. Lindle will serve as dean fellow from August 15, 2016 to July 17, 2017.

Lindle said she looks forward to using state and regional planning and policy development to inform the direction of undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Education. She sees the position as a means of elevating the college’s already strong work with state and federal policies to improve educators, leadership and, by extension, schools and classrooms.

The college has also appointed Kathryn Lee D’Andrea as a professor of practice. She has previously served as superintendent of Anderson School District 4 and superintendent of the School District of Pickens County. D’Andrea previously served as assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction for Anderson School District 4. She has served as coordinator of early childhood and family literacy, director of West Market Family Education Center and assistant superintendent of data and accountability in Anderson School District 5. She began her career as a first grade teacher in Columbus, Georgia.

D’Andrea earned a Ph.D. and master’s degree in education leadership from Clemson University and a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Georgia. D’Andrea has experience on numerous state and regional committees and task forces, and Petersen said D’Andrea’s background and experience will make her a vital addition to the college as it places greater importance on affecting policy in the state and beyond.

“Our college has always driven educational innovations to become ‘best in class,’” Petersen said. “These two appointments will take us several steps further in addressing future challenges and increasing our college’s profile as a leader in inspiring and leading those innovations.”