Jim Bostic presents a check for $1,551,773 to Clemson University President Jim Clements from the Class of 1969 during their 50-year reunion luncheon in the Madren Center ballroom, June 14, 2019.

CLEMSON – Clemson University’s class of 1969 marked its 50th anniversary Friday, June 14, with a reunion celebration on campus hosted by the Clemson Alumni Association and the announcement of a $1,551,773 gift to their alma mater for scholarship support, endowed faculty positions, research support for technology and capital construction.

The gift was presented in the form of a giant check to President Jim Clements during the Golden Tiger Reunion luncheon in the Madren Center ballroom. The Golden Tiger Reunion is an annual event intended to serve as a celebration for the 50th anniversary class as well as the class reunion for all classes who have already been inducted as Golden Tigers in years past.

“Congratulations to the class of 1969 on celebrating your 50th anniversary and thank you for the amazing support you have given Clemson over the years,” said Clements. “The University is excelling at the highest level in all areas, and I believe that we have become the model institution in higher education.”

A culture of strong values and integrity is one reason for that, said Clements, after asking all the veterans in the room to raise their hands and seeing a sea of arms raise up.

Clemson University Class of 1969 president Alston Gore presents Clemson President Jim Clements with a check representing the class’s total gifts to Clemson since graduation – $19,614,790.

“The generations of alumni who walked our halls, studied in our classrooms, and marched across Bowman Field when we were still a military school – they are the foundation for our culture. Thank you all for laying that strong foundation that we continue to build upon”

Current student Sarah Martin, a senior from Greenville studying political science and public administration, took the podium after Clements and said she will forever feel a special bond with the Class of 1969.

“I am so honored to have this opportunity to thank the members of the Class of 1969 for all they have done for Clemson, especially for Clemson students,” said Martin. “You are outstanding role models for all of us who have come after you. You have shown your love and loyalty for our Alma Mater in so many ways, including by your generous support for scholarships and many other programs that enhance the Clemson experience for students.”

Class of ‘69 president Alston Gore then presented a check to Clements representing the cumulative gifts from the class in the 50 years since they graduated, which totaled $19,614,790.

“All members of the Class of 1969 should be very proud to be a part of their generous class for gifting over $19.6 million to benefit Clemson in so many different ways,” said Gore. “All of those things and more go together to create a vibrant educational experience for the future of this wonderful institution.  Well done, Class of 1969!”

The dings and scratches from years of wear are visible on Dave Gangemi’s Class of 1969 ring. Gangemi, of Seneca, received his degree in microbiology.