CVT Leadership 2016

The 2016 CVT Leadership program faculty and students left to right: Richard Marziano, Courtney Johnson, Mary Wingold, Eric Walker, Yvonne Prince, Jenna Singleton, Hannah Hughes and Jarobvey Matthews.
Image Credit: CVT Leadership 2016

Faculty in the Clemson University Cardiovascular Imaging Leadership (CVT) Program honored graduating students in the program during a pinning ceremony held at Greenville Health System (GHS). The program held the ceremony April 22 at the GHS Patewood facility.

Eric Walker, CVT Leadership program manager, attended the ceremony along with fellow faculty Mary Wingold and Yvonne Prince to honor five students in attendance. Students honored in the pinning ceremony included Richard Marziano, Courtney Johnson, Jenna Singleton, Hannah Hughes and Jarobvey Matthews.

This is the third class of graduates in the one-of-a-kind program, which started in the fall of 2011. The concentration, which Clemson carries out in partnership with GHS, is the only four-year degree in the nation that combines cardiovascular technology training with a comprehensive education in public health sciences and health care leadership. According to Walker, the program provides a thorough grounding across disciplines that makes graduates highly sought after and competitive in the field.

“These students don’t just have a thorough grounding in imaging technology,” Walker said. “We are training future leaders in the field who have a holistic knowledge of health care and know how imaging fits into that larger picture.”