What a time to be a Clemson Tiger! As a year filled with national recognition, campus developments, innovative projects and our football and soccer teams in the running for national titles, 2015 was an explosion of Clemson dominance on and off the field. This year’s list of top stories — and videos — both confirm and celebrate Clemson as one of the best schools in the country.

Top 2 Most-watched Videos on ClemsonTV:

2. Clemson Builds For The Future

Outlining the exciting new construction projects that are underway on campus, this video showcases Clemson’s continual growth and success.

1. Watch Clemson Whip, Watch Clemson Nae Nae!

Joining Coach Dabo Swinney in his beloved victory dance, Clemson students show off their Whip and their Nae Nae.

Top 8 Stories:

8) Let’s take a by-the-numbers look at our incoming classes

Statistics of our incoming undergraduate and graduate classes this year promise a bright and exciting future for Clemson, upholding our long tradition of academic excellence.

Clemson Professor Michael Porter joined a study on seahorse tails’ square-prism shape, exploring its usefulness in technology advancements.

Image Credit: Clemson University

7) Seahorse tails could inspire new generation of robots

Clemson professor Michael Porter led a study on seahorse tails’ square-prism shape, exploring its usefulness in technology advancements.

6) Clemson unveils new plan, policies for fraternity, sorority organizations

Clemson implemented a new plan for fraternity and sorority standards this year to enhance the positive influence of Greek life on campus.

Clemson's Deep Orange car is on display in Detroit.

Image Credit: Clemson University

5) CU-ICAR students unveil Deep Orange 5 vehicle concept at GM headquarters

Imagine driving a car that enables both mobility and social networking. Clemson students did more than imagine it — they built it! Thanks to CU-ICAR’s hard work on their latest concept vehicle, Deep Orange 5 (sponsored by General Motors), future young adults will be riding in style.

4) Clemson University among top 25 national public universities for 8th year

For the eighth year in a row, Clemson makes the list as one of U.S.News & World Report’s top 25 national public universities. Recognized for innovation and top programs, Clemson continues to thrive and improve.

3) Clemson alumni network is the best, according to The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review ranked Clemson’s alumni network as the best in the country. Thanks to alumni’s engagement and support for the University and its students, Clemson can proudly be a “college that pays you back.”

2) Advice for incoming Clemson students — from those who’ve been there

Beginning your first year of college can be intimidating. Here, students, friends and alumni share their Clemson experiences with incoming students and urge them to soak up every aspect of this great University!

1) Welcome to the Tigertown Bound Class of 2019

Watching Clemson’s Class of 2019 share their excitement for being Tigertown Bound this fall is infectious, exciting and a testament to Clemson’s bright future!