Clemson Be True: Calling Changemakers for Clemson, the nation and the World!

How can you be true to your vocational purpose? How do you find your place in the system and acquire skills to become a changemaker on campus and in the world? This fall, in addition to what The Design and Entrepreneurship Network (The DEN) can offer, consider linking up with students, faculty and staff in an interactive and experiential initiative called Clemson Be True. Learn to lead innovation and pioneer a more sustainable economy and society.

U.Lab 2.0: Transforming Business, Society, and Self is a bold experiment that connects more than 30,000 worldwide participants who want to transform capitalism, develop multi-stakeholder buy-in through deep listening, and create prototypes from a place of authenticity and heightened awareness. The program is linked through 350 self-organizing hubs (one of which is Clemson’s) to create an inspired web of connections with changemakers across society’s sectors and systems.

Similar to the University Innovation Fellows Program, of which three DEN students are Fellows, the Global changemakers are able to find each other and share their initiatives. They are equipped to succeed in a diverse, global setting and develop competencies in intercultural understanding and social entrepreneurship that foster capacity for diversity, inclusion, respect and teamwork. “The DEN and Clemson Be True’s program missions are surprisingly well aligned”, said Bre Przestrzelski, student co-founder of The DEN. “Together we can empower students, faculty, and others associated with Clemson to become the changemakers the world is waiting for.”

Students can join the Clemson Be True hub and explore this free, self-paced, remote-learning opportunity with optional Clemson community offered through the MIT Ed.X U.Lab 2.0 at Get started and receive your free e-book by visiting

*Clemson Be True is a grant-supported project of the Chief Diversity Office in cooperation with these campus partners: CODA (the student government’s Council on Diversity Initiatives), The DEN (Design & Entrepreneurship Network), the Office of Economic Development, The Rutland Institute for Ethics, the International Center for Academic Integrity, the Service Alliance, PEER and WISE programs, Women’s Leadership, the Office of Global Engagement,\ and the Social Media Listening Center. For questions, contact Kathy Russ at or 864-656-3642.