Taking advantage of volunteer opportunities, Brittany Carson has made her mark on Clemson.

Taking advantage of volunteer opportunities, Brittany Carson has made her mark on Clemson.

By Taylor Reeves
Creative Services

When she first came to Clemson, Brittany Carson knew she wanted to get involved. A native South Carolinian whose blood runneth orange, her energetic love for all things Clemson grew along with her participation in extracurricular activities such as Greek life, student government and service organizations.

After winning the Miss Clemson pageant in 2009, Carson felt a renewed sense of responsibility to take on projects and organizations that would positively affect the Clemson community.

“I wanted to show the University that I could be involved in a variety of ways and try to make the Miss Clemson title more service-oriented,” she said.

In an effort to voice student concerns, Carson joined the Student Affairs Advisory Board where she and other members offered student perspectives and feedback to administrative leaders. She also began working with the Health and Safety Committee of the student senate, creating and distributing informational brochures on Redfern Health Center.

“I started to really consider what I could give Clemson and what Clemson could give me,” she said.

In conjunction with her role as Miss Clemson, Carson took responsibility for CU Commits, a Philanthropy and Service Council initiative that promotes various student philanthropy groups on the jumbotron at basketball and football games.

Working as a representative for students is exciting and significant for Carson, as she wants her fellow Tigers to experience the same passion for Clemson that motivates her.

Carson’s involvement has remained consistent throughout her career at Clemson. As a senior, she chairs the Miss Clemson 2011 pageant and the Student Affairs Advisory Board. In addition to these commitments, she holds a part-time internship with the S.C. Technology and Aviation Center and will take on a full-time internship in the spring.

A communication studies major, Carson plans to go into marketing and eventually work her way up to a public relations role at a national corporation. She believes her involvement with student organizations has afforded her experiences and references that will prove valuable in the workplace.

Carson’s enthusiasm for the University goes beyond her impressive résumé. Personable, determined and equipped with a wardrobe full of orange, she has an inexhaustible passion for her multiple projects and endeavors.

According to Carson, organization, focus and a healthy perspective are crucial in managing multiple extracurricular commitments.

“Every time I get stressed, I realize how lucky I am to have these privileges that many others would love to have,” she said.

Carson’s drive to become involved and her enthusiasm for the close-knit Clemson community has made her experiences and participation at the University so memorable.

“It really feels like a family at Clemson,” she said. “Somehow this community has done it.”

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