Lindsey Hoeg ’13 isn’t shy about spreading the Clemson Spirit. She did it as a marketing undergraduate at Clemson University and is doing it today in her career as a digital advertising manager at Sports Illustrated’s headquarters in New York City.

Lindsey met with Deshawn Watson, who visited Sports Illustrated's offices recently.

Lindsey met with Deshaun Watson, who visited Sports Illustrated’s offices recently.

Known as “the Clemson girl” by her SI colleagues, the 25-year-old native of Doylestown, Penn., coordinated this week’s visit of 25 Clemson marketing students to the sports magazine’s headquarters. Led by Mary Anne Raymond, the students’ annual “Gateway to the World” pilgrimage to the Big Apple exposes them to the many career opportunities marketing has to offer.

“I was afforded many enriching opportunities at Clemson, so being an ambassador for the school comes naturally to me,” said Lindsey, who graduated with a 4.0 GPA. “I served as a tour guide for Advancement at Clemson, so telling and selling the Clemson experience is something I still enjoy doing.”

Aside from her stellar academic record, Lindsey credits the successful start of her career to being “immersed” in the many extracurricular activities that Clemson provides, from Greek life to the Calhoun Honors College.

“I took my grades to heart at Clemson, but my outside-the-classroom experiences are what really honed my skills and I didn’t realize that until after graduation,” she said. “In interviews and in my career, I have been able to practically apply many of the skills I developed during those experiences. Clemson afforded me invaluable opportunities to perform in life rather than just on paper.”

Her one piece of advice to current or future students is to not take for granted all Clemson has to offer.

“I credit much of my early career success to having said yes to every opportunity that was offered to me at Clemson,” she added. “Not only did they give me confidence and sharpen my practical skills, I was able to build relationships that turned out to be life-changing for me.”

One of those relationships was a mentorship with Neill Cameron, a College of Business marketing professor and retired VP of Advancement at Clemson. Lindsey credits the former president of advertising at marketing giant Ogilvy & Mather for her first career opportunity.

“He is 100 percent the reason I am at Sports Illustrated today. He has so many touchpoints in the business world,” she said. “But beyond the people he knows, Neill engages with students in a way that provides them many development opportunities.”

One of those confidence-building opportunities came in the president’s suite at a Clemson football game.

“He asked me to visit the president’s suite and speak about my Clemson experience in front of some very influential people. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I can’t tell you how much an experience like that does for one’s confidence. That was one of many opportunities I was given that really helped develop my life skills.”

Having grown up not far from New York, Lindsey is enjoying being reunited with the city, and though she loves everything about the Big Apple, a fire still burns for Clemson.

“All that I was taught about marketing, the camaraderie and the family atmosphere Clemson offers is something I truly miss. Any moment, day or night, there’s an inherent excitement about the city, but I’ll forever be an ambassador for Clemson. I owe so much of where I’m at today to the people I met and opportunities that were presented to me there.”

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