The health risk assessment provider whose product is the basis for the Joseph F. Sullivan Center’s CU Well program has recently earned certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance. The committee recognized Wellsource, Inc. with its wellness and health promotion certification, which honors organizations that expertly implement programs like CU Well that concentrate on the health of employees.

This certification signifies that Wellsource, Inc. provides clients like Clemson’s Sullivan Center with programs that improve workforce health while reducing absenteeism. According to Paula Watt, director of the Sullivan Center, recognition for Wellsource benefits Clemson University and its employees, as it proves the creators of the health risk appraisal used in the university’s employee wellness program represent the gold standard in the industry.

“These programs are not created equal,” Watt said. “Clemson could have used an abbreviated, less effective version of this program, but this certification proves the university selected the best direction for CU Well and that it continues to make employee health a top priority.”

According to Watt, Clemson committed to this program in order to provide a more comprehensive analysis of its employees that would improve quality of life and self-care of chronic conditions. Wellsource developed the questionnaires and measures employed by the CU Well program. These measures provide evidence-based feedback to employees engaged in CU Well.

Although Wellsource has received certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance continuously since 2008, this is the first time the company has received certification for its wellness and health promotion products. The certification process is voluntary and rigorous, but the payoff for completion is one that ultimately benefits Wellsource’s clients, according to Joseph Raphael, director of health and research for Wellsource.

“Our certification gives our clients additional confidence in the scientific validity and evidence-based foundation of our products,” Raphael said.

CU Well is a comprehensive wellness program for Clemson University employees, faculty and staff. It is comprised of the CU4Health health risk appraisal, which includes access to an online portal, blood work, BMI and blood pressure screening and an individual follow-up appointment with a health educator. Members of CU Well can participate in CU4Health annually and have access to programs such as fitness assessments, diabetes self-management courses, nutrition counseling and a smoking cessation program, to name a few. The Sullivan Center offers these programs free or at a reduced cost for CU Well participants.