The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and the Clemson Actuarial Club (CAC) hosted their Sixth Annual Actuarial/Financial Math Expo on campus September 24th. Representatives from 15 companies were present to discuss internships and full-time positions at their firms – double the number of employers since the Expo started five years ago.

Students and recruiters at table

Image Credit: Jacob Thompson

Of the approximately 40 students in attendance, 23 returned the following day for on-campus interviews. One of those students was Ashley Santini, an undergraduate mathematical sciences student. Santini described the Expo as being a great opportunity to network and to receive practical advice about some of the first steps in an actuarial career.

The Actuarial/Financial Math Expo was launched in 2014 after several students had expressed interest in a career fair that was specifically for actuaries and math majors. “Although the Michelin Career Center does a fantastic job putting on the career fair, actuarial work is such a niche profession that it seems no one recruits actuaries at the large career fair,” said Mark Cawood, senior lecturer in mathematical and statistical sciences.

“Hosting the Expo is a tangible way of demonstrating to students that we genuinely want to help them to achieve their professional goals [as well as helping] alumni recruiters remain connected to the program.”

Recruiter shakes hands with student

Fifteen companies were recruiting students at the Clemson Actuarial Club (CAC) sixth annual Actuarial/Financial Math Expo in late September.
Image Credit: Jacob Thompson

Of the 35 company representatives in attendance this year, 10 were Clemson alumni who received their positions, in part, because of the Actuarial/Financial Math Expo.

“It is nice to see that these former students want to help offer the same opportunities they had to current students.” said Cameron Jenkins, president of the Clemson Actuarial Club.